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The Nissan Z Proto that the Japanese automaker revealed last week is a healthy dose of retro. Designers pulled from the model's extensive history to create a compelling and gorgeous sports car. Nissan has hinted at a hotter performance model, though it didn't specify if it'd be a Nismo. What else could it be? We don't expect the regular Z to arrive until late next year, and that's when the hotter Z could come, too. However, we guessed what a new Nissan Z Nismo could look like and created a new rendering.

If Nissan were to offer the new Z Nismo, we'd expect it to look similar to other recent Nismo offerings. The rendering shows the car wearing unique ground effects, a sizable rear spoiler, and hood vents. It's a similar setup and design to what we see on the 2020 GT-R Nismo, with the curved front lip sitting below a large, square grille. The rendering also features red accents along the side mirrors and on the wider side skirts. A rear diffuser is barely visible at the back while a Nismo badge in the upper right of the grille completes the sporty look.

Gallery: Nissan Z Nismo Rendering

The Z Proto concept Nissan revealed last week sported a twin-turbocharged V6 engine, though the automaker didn't dive into its specifications. Rumors suggest Nissan will borrow the engine from the Infiniti Red Sport models, which would give the regular Z upwards of 400 horsepower (298 kilowatts). A hotter Z Nismo model would likely make much more than that, either with a different tune or an entirely different engine.

While we don't know when a Nismo version could arrive, sometime in the future, Nissan could offer an electric Nismo version, though that'd be a move dictated by the customers. We have a while before the new Z goes on sale – a 2022 model in the US – and while the Z Proto is stunning, it's still just a concept. We can't wait to see the real thing, and whatever performance version the automaker is developing.

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