First things first. If anyone has additional information on this lonely Jeep Wrangler perched on the edge of destruction, we are dying to know the outcome. We have some feelers out on our end and we'll update this story if we get fresh news. For now, just know that somewhere in the hills east of Los Angeles, there's a Wrangler stuck between a rock and a hard place. Or rather, on top of a rock in a very hard-to-reach place.

Sadly, we don't know the backstory but then again, how much do you need to know? A series of photos were posted by Jun Castro late yesterday evening in the Hemet News public Facebook group. They clearly show the late-model Wrangler high-centered on a very narrow trail, and we can only ask the same question we suspect everyone is asking. What was this driver thinking? Actually, we know exactly the thought process here. "I've got a Wrangler, I can get to that peak ... oh crap, what was I thinking?"

Kudos to the crew at The Drive for sleuthing out the location of this four-wheel-drive faux pas. They determined with reasonable certainty this is a trail just south of Loma Linda, and actually, it's a series of trails. They aren't designed for vehicles though – these are hiking trails and judging by the way this specific trail is bermed up on either side, we suspect it's well-used by mountain bikers. Jeeps sometimes carry mountain bikes ... maybe that's what the driver was actually thinking? Right, probably not.

Jeep Wrangler Stuck On Trail

We're not able to embed the Facebook post, but you can see it here or at the source link below. This screenshot of the post gives you some sense of the peril, notably on the Wrangler's passenger side. It's not so much high-centered as it is hanging off the side of a very steep drop. There will be no putting this Jeep into reverse and backing slowly out, at least not without shovels, tires aired way down, and lots of people power because frankly, we're not sure what kind of support vehicles could get close enough to help.

In any case, we hope for the Wrangler's sake this saga has a happy ending.


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