Rumors about an SRT Barracuda have been swirling for years but SRT CEO Ralph Gilles has downplayed the possibility of a production model.

In an interview with Automobile Magazine, Gilles said "It's something that has grown legs on its own. It's not something that we have confirmed." He went on to say a Barracuda would have to be smaller and significantly different from the Challenger SRT, so it would likely require its own platform which would be an expensive proposition.

Gilles remained coy on future SRT models but confirmed the company would consider a small sports car - like a Dart SRT - if it could meet their own internal performance and quality standards. However, the executive has previously said the company is "in between great engines" and "there’s nothing available right now" for an entry-level model.

Gilles also said a handful of customers want a more powerful Viper but "It's got plenty of power" and "in terms of balancing the car's weight and how it drives, 640 [bhp] was the sweet spot."

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