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A study released earlier this year showed us the most American vehicles sold in the market, and it listed the Ford Ranger on top. That study was sourced from and in line with the Part 583 American Automobile Labeling Act report, which is available for public consumption.

Now, a similar study was released by American University Kogod School of Business called the Made in America Auto Index 2020. It also listed the Ranger as the most American of the cars sold in the country, though there are a few deviations as you go down the list.

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That's because American University's index report considered several parameters that aren't included in both the study and AALA document. The additional parameters include profit and R&D, which already put Japanese brands on lower in the ranking regardless of the high percentage of American parts used in the vehicle. Of course, the base parameters are the assembly location, percenterage of U.S. and Canadian-sourced parts, source of engine and transmission, and labor.

The Ford Ranger tops this year's list with 85 points in the American University's study. This follows the automaker's decision to source its engine locally this year – and yes, that's even after the nameplate's absence in the market for several years.

The Chevy Camaro with automatic transmission installed follows the midsize truck. Its manual variant lands further down the ranking since the stick-shift gearbox is sourced outside the U.S. Two more Chevrolets follow the Camaro, and these are the Corvette and the gasoline-powered Colorado. The GMC Canyon trails after its platform twin, while two Jeep Cherokee versions follow.

While Detroit's Big Three mainly populates the top 10 because of the profit and R&D parameters, Honda doesn't trail too far behind with its American parts-enriched lineup.

You can view the full table of the American University's Made in America Auto Index 2020 through the source link below.

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