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It's been less than a week since Ford announced what is possibly the most capable Ranger to ever be sold in the United States. Sure, it's not a Raptor, but those looking for the best performing midsize pickup from the Blue Oval brand will be happy with the Ranger Tremor. Factory-built and available for a relatively affordable $4,290 price tag, the Tremor comes with increased performance and visual tweaks to make it a serious performance truck. But, for those who are willing to pick through the Ford Performance catalog for the regular Ranger, can one save some money and get similar performance? Muscle Cars & Trucks had a quick interview with Ranger Marketing Manager Chad Callander to find out how the Tremor separates itself from the existing components via the Ford Performance catalog.

Gallery: 2021 Ford Ranger Tremor

The work that goes into tuning the Ranger Tremor from the factory really sets it apart. Callander has been with the Ranger Tremor project for two years and has said that the Tremor has been in the works for quite a while. “The Tremor is a holistic package that’s heavily engineered by our team to tweak the most efficiencies out of the suspension system… the meat and potatoes is the suspension,” said Callander. “You get Fox monotube dampers, and the rears have fluid reservoirs… The Ford Performance Packages also include these dampers and reservoirs, but it doesn’t include the whole suite of performance tuning that we put into this vehicle.”

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Examples of specific Ranger Tremor adjustments include an 8/10 of an inch lift and increased jounce travel by 20mm in the front and 30mm in the rear. You have improved standard approach, breakover, and departure angles at 30.9 degrees, 24.2 degrees, and 25.5 degrees respectively; all improvements over the base SuperCrew 4x4. The Tremor also sits an inch wider than the Ranger FX4. Compared to the Ford Performance Packs, the Tremor has improved rubber in the form of General Grabber ATXs.

“It’s a more comprehensive package (than the Ford Performance Packages)… it will be more capable than the Ford Performance Packages,” said Callander. “And it retains its on-road characteristics as well.” 



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