While many automotive videos on YouTube are relatively tame, the guys at Garage 54 aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. The team has appeared in such classics as painting a car with 35 layers of clear coat, freezing a BMW into an ice cube, and replacing the rear wheels of a Lada with legs. The latest video features a rim transformation using 100 nails to reconstruct a steelie into an elegant spoked classic. 

Fortunately, they didn’t have to reinvent the wheel as the steel starting piece was used to keep things aligned. The process began by gradually cutting away sections of the starter and replacing the airspace with nails welded to both the rim and the hub – as both nail and wheel are steel items, they were very easy to mesh together.

After the rim was put together, it didn’t just stop there, neatly fabricating an old-school central wheel nut from some metal tubing they had lying around. Not a functional piece obviously, but it certainly added to the steampunk aesthetic. The best was yet to come, as both pieces were primed and ready to receive a coat of paint.

Following some abbreviated coverage of the painting process, the parts came out looking very professional in a glossy black finish. Regardless of whether it hides the welds or blends in the Mercedes-Benz test vehicle, it was shod in rubber and thrown into the testing phase out on the Russian public roads.

We certainly wouldn’t recommend testing a prototype in such a public way but it handled everything surprisingly well – It didn’t wobble itself to pieces or collapse after running over an amoeba. Luckily these guys have the crafting know-how to match their peculiar ideas.

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