Ford is prepping everyone for the debut of its all-electric F-150 coming in 2022. However, you can have this gigantic Ford Super Duty EV right now. It has everything you need in such a truck, including four-wheel drive and a high-clearance suspension for going off-road. It has custom Contra wheels, aggressive all-terrain tires, and naturally it has a trailer hitch mount for towing your toys.

There's just one notable catch. Technically, this F-450 is a toy.

Specifically, it's a 1:10 scale radio control truck from CEN Racing but we weren't kidding about it being gigantic. It's just over 26 inches long and rides on a 17.6-inch wheelbase, and we're not sure you'll find anything else in the 1:10 scale segment with dimensions like that. Its steel frame consists of three sections, and the Lexan F-450 body is two sections bolted together.

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Underneath, there's a single Mabuchi 550 brushed electric motor driving front and rear wheels. A waterproof electronic speed control is standard, as are oil-filled shocks and sway bars to minimize body roll. Power comes from either LiPo or old-school NiMH batteries, and depending on the output, the F-450 can reach speeds up to 16 mph.

In a radio-controlled world of brushless motors and high-speed action, 16 mph sound pretty weak but here's the thing. This scale F-450 is designed much like its full-size doppelganger. The brushed motor and speed control work with a three-gear transmission that's designed for torque instead of speed. Still, if you want to go faster, the gearing can be tweaked for speed. And there's a wonderful world of aftermarket motors, too.


That said, this rig comes configured for torque. Just like the size, we weren't kidding about the hitch mount either – this F-450 can pull 1:10 scale trailers loaded with your other radio-controlled toys. Is that a thing? Apparently so, and to be honest, we're dying to get an old Tamiya SVT F-150 Lightning 1:10 scale truck on a trailer behind this thing. We would absolutely rule Cars & Coffee with such awesomeness.

Unfortunately, Tamiya's SVT Lightning is long out of production and CEN Racing currently shows the F-450 as being sold out. It lists for $369 and that gets you a ready-to-run pickup right out of the box. The body is pre-painted in either blue or gray and fully assembled, and a transmitter is part of the package.

It won't pull a bunch offull-size train cars like the real-life EV F-150, but this one looks like way more fun.

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