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There are two things in this world that didn't need mentioning but we'll say it anyway – the new Hyundai Tucson looks absolutely otherworldly and the coronavirus pandemic is such a pain these days. While the former is more of a subjective measure, the latter has been pretty evident ever since this pandemic started back in February of this awfully slow year.

Auto sales are in a downward slope and factories slowed down, which led to car brands cutting the fat, understandably so. But as the saying goes, with every cloud there's a silver lining. With travel restrictions in place in most parts of the world, with some enabling work-from-home measures, the time we spend getting stuck in traffic has severely improved during the height of the pandemic.

To quantify this, Vanarama has released a study of the hours saved being stuck in traffic in the busiest cities of the world.

Based on the data (taken from Inrix and TomTom, averaged), commuters in New Delhi, India saved the most time in traffic, tallying 79 hours in total from March to July 2020. That's over three days, mind you. In Paris, France, the time saved is 69 hours, followed by Sāo Paulo, Brazil which saved 63 hours on traffic.

In the United States, Vanarama's report cited that those who reside and work in Los Angeles saved 43 hours from March to July, while New Yorkers had 58 hours of their lives given back to them, thanks to the pandemic.

The clearing of traffic congestion was a blessing in disguise, and so is the lessened pollution during the lockdown. Then again, with several cities going back to normal, such as in Paris that recorded a 28 percent traffic increase from April to July (see video below), it won't be long until we go back to our normal routine. Not sure if that's a good or a bad thing, but we sure do hope things go for the better for the planet in the days, weeks, and months to come.

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