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The Ford Bronco is a hotly-anticipated model – that's a fact. So much so that all 3,500 First Edition models were reserved hours after the iconic SUV's launch. By the end of July, it has been reported that the Blue Oval has amassed a total of 230,000 Bronco reservations. Heaven knows what that number has gone up to at this time.

Needless to say, this is a hefty sum to produce, and it looks like Ford will start producing the first batch of Broncos by March or April 2021 – according to a leaked document obtained by a person named Matt C. and posted by user broncoj11 on Bronco6G Forum.

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The document is from Precision Inventory Management – a "software used by dealers to handle new vehicle ordering for Ford and Lincoln stores," according to the thread starter. The Bronco is listed with "Expected Job 1 in March 2021." From what we gathered, Job 1 means that it's the first qualified production run of a certain vehicle, which in this case for the Bronco, will happen by March 2021.

The thread starter pointed out that the list contains other vehicles that appear to be delayed by a month from the supposed schedule. This could mean that production could start by April 2021 instead.

Of note, if everything falls right into place, it takes eight to ten weeks from the start of production to the first delivery. Given this time table (and assuming that production will start by April instead of March 2021), the earliest delivery might happen by the end of May or early June.

This is still inline with Ford's promise of June 2021 delivery. Then again, that's if everything goes according to plan. You might want to start crossing your fingers if you're among those who reserved one.

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