Following last week's teaser, Renault has unveiled today at Auto Expo in New Delhi, India the Kwid concept.

The funky crossover was created with input from Renault Design India and tries to showcase the firm's capabilities of creating an interesting crossover in the C segment. The Kwid features very short overhangs, a two-tone grey and yellow body and has an increased ride height along with big alloy wheels which according to Renault make it look like a buggy car.

It has a front-wheel drive layout with power coming from a 1.2-liter turbocharged gasoline engine coupled to a dual-clutch EDC gearbox. The concept was created in such a way so that it would be compatible with an electric motor and batteries for a potential Z.E. version.

Step inside the cocoon-like cabin and you will notice the seats are actually suspended over a white solid base while the rear passengers benefit from air conditioning with the controls mounted on the back of the driver’s seat.

One of the highlights of the concept is the so-called "Flying Companion" which takes off from the rotating rear portion of the roof and can be manually controlled but also has an automatic mode via a pre-programmed flying sequence using the GPS location. The French marque mentions it can be used for taking landscape pictures, scouting traffic as well as for detecting the incoming road obstacles.

As you would imagine, there aren't any plans to put the Renault Kwid into production bust most likely an affordable compact crossover with the diamond logo for India and other emerging markets is in the works.


Gallery: Renault unveils quirky Kwid concept

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