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Rallycross is one of the most exciting forms of racing that you’ve likely never heard of. The highest level of the sport provides a mix of neat and tidy tarmac driving with sideways rally action all on the same course. In its latest video, the YouTubers at Out Motorsports took a collection of $1,500 cars and thrashed them at their local rallycross circuit.

While the grassroots interpretation of the sport is organized as a time trial and leaves out the tarmac driving, it’s clear that the atmosphere at the track is lighthearted and fun. With only $1,500 on the line, the drivers could race to their heart’s content without worrying about trashing their vehicles. Even after day one at the Summit Point Motorsports Park, some of the racing newbies clearly caught the driving bug, addicted to the pursuit of finding speed on the track.

The contestants for the challenge include an Oldsmobile LSS, W140 Mercedes-Benz S320, Toyota Corolla wagon, Toyota Camry wagon, Mercedes-Benz 190E, and Volvo S70 T5M. While all of these vehicles couldn’t be more different, they share the quality of being very inexpensive. 

With the punishment these vehicles took through during each run, we were surprised at the reliability of the majority of the contenders. The first car to have issues was the Corolla, and not the gremlins you’d expect. While the initial thought was that the front wheels would part ways, the engine was the first thing to go bang.

Semantics aside, this video is perfect evidence that you don’t need a ton of money to have fun in a car. It was a real treat throughout the video to see some slo-mo hero shots of everyday vehicles getting sideways in the dirt. 

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