Lutz Valdeig envisioned a potential Rolls-Royce soft crossover staying true to the brand's design philosophy.

He believes a possible Rolls-Royce crossover/SUV shouldn't be as rugged as some of the other models in this segment which is why the ground clearance is not that high and the concept lacks the usual off-road styling cues. You will notice several front fascia designs and in one of the versions there are subtle underfloor protection plates.

The overall design mimics Rolls-Royce's recent models but slightly more rounded while maintaining the conservative styling of the brand. A few of the design cues along with the double headlights are taken from the Silver Shadow and one of the renders shows an extended wheelbase created for those who prefer to be chauffeured.

In late October last year Rolls-Royce chief Torsten Müller-Ötvös said the firm's designers are creating a few design sketches for a possible SUV but even so such a model is still a few years away. When the model will eventually reach production day, it will be made at the Goodwood factory and will cost approximately 250,000 GBP.

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