It's a tempting proposition for a new 700-horsepower Charger or Challenger.

Labor Day in America. It’s the unofficial end of summer, and in a typical year, automakers usually offer up some decent deals for new-car shoppers. This isn’t a typical year – it’s 2020 and every auto manufacturer around the globe has been impacted by coronavirus to some degree. That means there could be some really good deals on cars you wouldn’t otherwise see – like the freaking Charger and Challenger Hellcat twins from Dodge.

In this case, the deal isn’t a price discount. Rather, it comes in the form of an interest-free finance offer for up to 72 months, according to Cars Direct. Basic math tells us that is six years, and for Hellcat-hungry buyers who can’t afford the sky-high monthly payments of a shorter-term, low-interest loan, this might be a plausible alternative. Of course, we’re still talking about starting prices over $60,000 for the Challenger SRT Hellcat, and over $70,000 for the Charger SRT Hellcat.

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The Hellcats haven’t been entirely without discounts this year. In fact, Dodge still offers cashback deals that can take nearly $8,000 off the sticker price in some situations. Unfortunately, the cashback and the finance offers can’t be combined, but Cars Direct calculated that savings could exceed $11,000, depending on terms of the loan.

One example compared a $72,000 car financed at zero percent versus the same car with a $7,970 rebate and five-percent financing. Over six years, the better deal was the interest-free loan by over $2,000, and the monthly payment was still lower. Granted it was still $1,000 a month, but it was lower.

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With such long-term loans, however, comes the problem of vehicle depreciation and negative equity. Hellcat-powered Challengers and Chargers certainly hold their value better compared to less aggressive siblings, but values still drop. With buyers focused on the glory of owning a new car, especially one with over 700 horsepower, thinking longer-term about negative equity doesn’t always get the consideration it deserves. As always, buyer beware.

The offer runs through September 30 for current-stock Dodge Hellcat-powered vehicles.

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