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Few people will own the current-generation Ford GT. 1,350 cars are slated for the production run ending in 2022, but only a portion of those will be the Heritage Edition. California supercar guru Manny Khoshbin is getting one, and he recently shared his GT configurator experience with the world on YouTube. This is rather significant, because Ford’s configurator for GT buyers is quite different from the configurator available to the public.

As such, the video treats us to the very exclusive world of actual online Ford GT shopping. The basic layout of the private configurator is similar to the public-facing version, utilizing a menu on the left to select various trims and options. Since this is for the Heritage Edition specifically, there are ultimately very few options to choose from. As Khoshbin points out in the video, why would you want to change things up on such a special, limited edition model? His major dilemma is choosing between wheel styles. We should all have such dilemmas.

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The major difference between the configurators is that the private site offers a wide range of exquisite interior and exterior views, including a manually-controlled 360-degree camera. It’s a bit fussy to work with on the inside, but we can see the red and black Alcantara-trimmed greenhouse the Heritage Edition gets. Animations can adjust the rear wing and open the doors, and a cinematic camera option “flies” around both the exterior and interior. That’s definitely not something you’ll find on the public-facing configurator.

The Heritage Edition for 2021 pays tribute to racing driver Ken Miles, who famously piloted a 1966 GT40 Mk II in the epic top-three Ford finish at Le Mans that year. However, the livery is not from Le Mans, but from the 1966 Daytona 24 Hour event which Miles and co-driver Lloyd Ruby won. Ford doesn’t say how many of these special models will be produced, but GT production is slated to end after the 2022 model year.

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