Arash Cars is teasing a new supercar which will be revealed in full on February 28.

It's been more than three years since we last heard something about UK-based Arash Cars but it seems they have been very busy working on an all-new model. Judging from the teaser photo above, the vehicle will feature a short overhang as opposed to the very long rear which creates an interesting flowing silhouette.

No details have been released about the car but as you can see it will come with a carbon fiber steering wheel so most likely Arash Cars focused on making the supercar as light as possible. As a reminder, their previous product was the Ferrari Enzo-looking AF-10 featuring a GM-sourced LS7 V8 engine delivering 550 bhp (410 kW) and 475 lb-ft (643 Nm) of torque.

Arash Cars teases new model, will be unveiled on February 28