Designing cars is one of the most exciting and frustrating jobs. Car designers did not start their careers so they could design boring cars and it’s easy to see all of the pent up talent and imagination in the concept cars that tease us of what could have been. Sure, a lucky subset of designers gets to pen boutique hypercar, but for many their talent and outputs are directed by strict government regulations and the accounting department. For one GM designer in the 1960s, designing cars was only the beginning and they decided to draw up a fully custom house that is now for sale on Zillow.
It’s a sad reality that most Zillow listings do not show the inside of the garage on their listings, luckily this listing is different and a host of beautifully shot photos showcase the naturally lit garage packaged with interesting treasures. The most intriguing is a fiberglass mold for a sleek roadster reminiscent of the Porsche roadster of the 1960s while an MG Midget occupies the remaining floor space. On the roof, there are body shells for small go-karts and a racetrack adorns the wall.

The sleek lines and large windows the define this house allow owners to enjoy views of their forested property from the comfort of the inside of their home. The unique fireplace is the centerpiece of the main living space and floats above the ground. There are a host of photos and details on the Zillow listing and we encourage you to email us if you purchase this beautiful home.
This tucked away dream home was created by an unnamed GM designer looking for another outlet to furnish their talents and the results are staggering. To craft a home this beautiful out of thin air is a talent few possess but something we can all enjoy.

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