Enthusiast cars like the Ford GT500 are the pinnacle of engineer and passion from an automaker. Automotive engineers didn’t pursue a career building car to design the latest CUV, no, they want to build something exciting and once in a while the accountants authorize the spending required to put out a car like the GT500. The passion required to build a limited production run car like the GT500 is evident in every aggressive body crease and heard through the burbling exhaust as all 740 horses snap into action. The only thing that could sour this incredible achievement is greedy dealership markups that transform cars like the GT500 from working-class heroes to unobtainable collectibles.
Today Youtuber and Mustang enthusiast Speed Phenom went to an Orange County California based Ford dealership to investigate a unique 2020 Mustang GT500. The Mustang itself is a beautiful spec combining an Iconic Silver paint job with painted tuxedo black strips and the desirable carbon fiber track pack. This spec has an MSRP from Ford set at an eye-watering $105,000 which may seem like a lot for a Mustang, but we know the 2020 GT500 is far from a normal Mustang.
The Ford dealership also knows this is no ordinary Mustang and they seem very proud of it. So proud in fact, that they’ve decided to add a $100,000 mark upon this GT500 ballooning the price for $206,000. That’s like adding four years of college tuition loans on top of the already high sticker price.

Dealership markups like this are killing enthusiast cars and hindering the purchase of special products like the GT500. This artificial price inflation is a slap in the face to all of the fine people at Ford corporate who worked long days and nights to incorporate the best possible performance into an affordable package. Mustering the funds to buy a $100,000 Mustang is already absurd but then doubling the price for no reason means you need McLaren money to buy a Ford. To only people benefiting from these price markups are the dealers themselves and this practice needs to be stopped.

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