We recently came upon a curious Rolls-Royce fueling up at a gas station. That is, Instagrammer wilcoblok caught it on camera, and imagine our surprise when we saw an honest-to-goodness Wraith Shooting Brake. We didn’t have any context for where it came from, but now we do and it’s quite extraordinary. It’s also the only one of its kind, but that might change soon. More on that in a bit

First things first. This isn’t a product of Rolls-Royce. It’s the brainchild of Niels van Roij Design and Belgium-based Carat Duchatelet, the former being a well-known automotive designer and the latter being a coachbuilder with 50 years of experience. The finished product is called the Carat Duchatelet Silver Spectre Shooting Brake, and as the pictures show, it’s exquisite.

Gallery: Carat Duchatelet Rolls-Royce Wraith Shooting Brake

The base vehicle is obviously a Rolls-Royce Wraith. The long roof is handcrafted by Carat Duchatelet and designed to flow seamlessly with the Wraith’s shape. Bespoke touches, like the bold exterior trim surrounding the side glass and extending well onto the rear pillars, were created to give the car a further sense of uniqueness. The overall design isn’t just a stretched roof either; it’s based on classic Shooting Brakes from high-end British brands of decades past, so it has a very authentic feel.

Interior details of this particular build aren’t offered, but we can see a striking upholstery pattern and a clear measure of functionality in the boot. The luggage rails are prominent on the floor, and a dual-plane pass-through to the front offers access between front and rear sections. When it comes to details, Carat Duchatelet is keen to say customers have broad input regarding interior customization. That can range from various materials to design elements sussed out through personal visits and discussions between customer and company.

This specific Silver Spectre was commissioned by a Wraith owner who wanted a Shooting Brake. It was delivered just last week, but we did mention customers in the previous paragraph – as in more than one. This is the first of its kind, but Carat Duchatelet is set to build a total of seven, and the lead time to get one is a matter of months, not years.

Pricing isn’t mentioned, but if you already have a Wraith in your wheelhouse, you can probably afford this very cool conversion.

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Carat Duchatelet unveils its latest creation based on a Rolls-Royce Wraith converted into a Shooting Brake.

The term shooting brake is full of heritage, it originated in
19th century England.
A brake was a big cart without body work used for
training young horses.
In shooting brake, rear passengers were sitting face to
face with their hunting dogs and weapons.
During the 1920’s and 1930’s high end motorcars were
converted into luxurious transport vehicles for aristocrat

From the 1950’s the shooting brake turned to bespoke luxurious sports car, mostly two doors coupé, with station wagon
capabilities to enable to transport of firearms and hunting trophy.
In 2019, that heritage will live again thanks to the exclusive SILVER SPECTRE SHOOTING BRAKE.


The design of Silver Specter Shooting Brake is born out of a personal collaboration. Above all, an authentic partnership
between the patron and the Niels van Roij Design & Carat Duchatelet team.
One day, the happy owner of a Rolls-Royce Wraith asked designer Niels van Roij to research a theme for his already
exclusive car. While the shooting brake concept was quickly validated, the choice of the coachbuilder to engineer the
project and hand-build it was a no-brainer: who else than the famous Master Coachbuilder Carat Duchatelet with its 50-
years’ experience in design and production of some of the most exclusive cars on the planet ?
Niels van Roij Design together with Carat Duchatelet team have designed a uniquely bespoke Shooting Brake conversion.

This conversion is based on one of the most luxurious models.
Silver Specter Shooting Brake’s proportions are genuinely striking. The graceful lines were be built by highly Carat
Duchatelet’ skilled craftsmen. The shapes of this design link heritage models with modern design. The voluminous
surfaces and affluent shapes of the body are especially noteworthy. The design features bespoke jewelry all around. For
instance, the handsome, expertly crafted trim piece surrounding the side windows.
This frame honors important historical cars of high-end British brands. It distinguishes Silver Specter Shooting Brake from
the OEM base vehicle and emphasizes her elegance.


There are many opportunities for bespoke interior work.
When you commission your personal Silver Specter Shooting
Brake to Carat Duchatelet, your car will be truly uniquely
yours. Completely adapted by Carat Duchatelet to your
lifestyle, wishes, ideas and character: everything is tailormade,
exclusively for you.
One of the most important elements in your Silver Spectre
Shooting Brake comes exclusively from you: your Wish-List.
There is a large variety of options and many possibilities. Your
imagination and inspiration are is the limit!

Carat Duchatelet team of experts are at your service and can conduct detailed dialogs with you and help you turning your
dreams into reality.
Based on sketches, which can follow after possible home visits at your request, your commission will be made into a
personal statement.

The design process is a journey of inspiration, curiosity and creativity. The choices are endless. Ranging from headrest
embroidery, tailor-made marquetry, carbon fiber trim inlays or even crystal inserts to personalized tread plates. You
might opt for color-coded leather hides and one-off exterior colors. Or perhaps you prefer uniquely monogrammed
upholstery, with your family crest.

This exploration can go through the world of art and design. It can lead to distant lands or your favorite places. Soaking up
the character of objects, materials, colors, textures, patterns. All to be translated into an extraordinarily distinctive
design. All enhancements installed will be hand-finished and truly individual. Making sure the design is reflecting you, as
the vehicle’s guardian.

The result is that your car will be carefully hand-crafted and exquisitely produced for you, for you only. It will be one of a
kind motor vehicle.

With the Silver Specter Shooting Brake, pinnacle of exclusivity is almost reached. You are absolutely sure you won’t cross
the same model in the street. Carat Duchatelet will hand-craft only seven cars for the whole world.

Finally, conversion time production is amazingly short considering the level of exclusivity. We are talking about months
and not years. This is worth. If I may paraphrase Sir Henry Royce: quality is remembered long after waiting time is

For more information, please contact Carat Duchatelet SA –
Benoît Ceulemans – b.ceulemans@caratbyduchatelet.com - Tel: + 32 43 49 55 50 – Mob: +32 475 85 45 40

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