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While the world swoons over the reborn Ford Bronco, there’s another new Blue Oval machine still waiting in the wings. Ford unveiled its all-electric Mustang Mach-E crossover late last year to considerable fanfare. In fact, the automaker was quick to say reservations for all its First-Edition models were filled in just eight days. Now, Ford is offering more but you won't order these through a dealership.

Instead, Ford is utilizing its social platforms and various partnerships to woo First Edition buyers. The special campaign will including everything from social media to websites such as Spotify and Uncrate, and it will even call upon Hollywood actor Idris Elba, who helped Ford launch the Mach-E last November. The exact process for ordering is unclear – Ford didn't share that information other than to say people will need to watch these outlets and act quickly if they want to place an order.

Similarly, Ford didn't say how many First Edition models would be part of the campaign. These are extra models though, over and above the production run that was previously sold out. A Ford spokesperson told that customers were disappointed the initial run sold so quickly, and that only a small number of additional First Editions would be offered.

Available colors are Grabber Blue, Carbonized Gray, and Rapid Red, and apparently the color will be specific to the sites these cars appear at. In other words, if you see a First Edition and want to make an order, the color you see is what you get.

Ford still won't say how many Mach-E First Edition cars will be made all total. We've asked more than a few times – presumably its a very low number as Ford couldn't wait to tell the world it received 3,500 First Edition Bronco reservations in a matter of hours. Mach-E buyers ponied up a $500 deposit to get in line for this First Edition, which will have a retail price of around $61,000.

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