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Customers looking to buy an automobile often look for phone connectivity, how many groceries they can fit in the trunk, or fuel efficiency. We’d wager that the majority of buyers are never worried about fitting in the car That’s not the case for Oliver Richters (known as The Dutch Giant), who searches for a vehicle that can accommodate his over seven-foot stature.

For the uninitiated, he is the tallest actor and bodybuilder in the world, standing at 7-foot 2 (2.2 meters) and weighing in at 342 pounds (155 kilograms). Aside from his workout program and work schedule, Richters wants a car that he can comfortably get in and out of without substantial effort. The video begins with him squashed inside a , which believe it or not is one of the vehicles he fits into. The Japanese city car isn’t much of a dream vehicle though, so he set out to find his ultimate chariot.

Aside from bodybuilding and acting, he is actually quite the petrolhead. Unfortunately, two of his dream rides, the and Nissan GT-R are simply too small. That didn’t stop him though, as he has his eyes set on a collection of mostly American vehicles that might fit the bill.

After consuming eight eggs for breakfast, Richters began the trek over to Dusseldorf, Germany, to find his dream ride. The journey began in a Ford dealership where only the convertible Mustang GT could provide ample room. While he also visited Polestar, Chevrolet, and Maserati to see what was on offer, it looks like a Cadillac might be a winner.

Sure, there wasn’t a verdict at the end of the video, but it’s clear that the American sedan has the power and space to rival that of The Dutch Giant.

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