The new Ford Transit is multi-functional, we knew that, but the Portuguese government has taken this to another level and have altered, together with Ford, the International Van of the Year 2007 into a prisoner transportation vehicle. The Portuguese are trialling 5 transport units and 4 escort Transits, all painted in their unique 'Gazelle Kisses' yellow. According to the Portugese press release, the Transit will house 6 convicts and a toilet! The walls and roof are lined with metal plates while the floor is strengthened with anti-skid aluminium, the windows are obvioulsy bullet-proof and the doors have special locking systems. But don't forget the First Aid box, fire extinguisher and a whole bunch of other useful trinkets like 100watt sirens. Nothing about any hidden trapdoors in the floor, so I'm afraid it will not be any good for well-planned escapes that involve tunnels and sewers.

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