presents an artist rendering of the next generation Opel Vectra due to be launched at the end of next year. Clearly, the rendering is based on the Opel GTC Concept unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show last month, however, it provides a glimpse at what the 4-door production vehicle might look like.

The lower door panel and quarter panel accent body line has been smoothed over and the front fascia, grill and lamps have been re-sculpted to represent a more realistic market ready version. But there are a few problems with the rendering.

The Vectra appears disproportionate particularly in the front end (clip) appearing to be much larger compared to the rest of the car. Same goes for the green house being being too short. Its makes the wind screen too steep and the belt line is too high making the windows look too small. The artist also had to extend the roof line down into the sail (upper quarter) panel in order to create some balance for the added rear door. Lastly, the wheels are too big.

WCF rating (1 to 10): 4

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2009 Opel Vectra Artist Interpretation