Land Rover filed last month an application to trademark the "Landy" designation which could indicate a new entry-level model.

This trademark application fuels rumors about a new Land Rover model positioned below the Evoque with styling inspired from the DC100 concept. If this model will ever come to life, expect an urban crossover to tackle the BMW X1 as well as the upcoming Audi Q1 confirmed for a 2016 market release.

Details about the baby Land Rover are not available at this point but we remind you the DC100 concepts (including Expedition and Sport) were presented with 2.0-liter gasoline and diesel engines connected to an eight-speed gearbox. These concepts served as a preview for the next-generation Defender due in 2015 but the Landy is expected to ride on the Evoque platform and will probably get smaller engines.

Note: Land Rover DC100 concepts pictured.

Land Rover trademarks “Landy”, could be a sub-Evoque model