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Right now, the Mercedes-Benz faithful have their attention on the next-generation S-Class. It’s understandable; the newest flagship sedan of all flagship sedans will debut on September 2, and from what we’ve seen thus far in teasers, it looks like a technological dynamo. It’s not the bread-and-butter sedan for Mercedes, however. That honor goes to the C-Class, and it’s also getting a full makeover.

We’re given a glimpse of that in this new spy clip above from walkoARTvideos, which features an entire fleet of W206 C-Class test vehicles. Not only that, the camouflage on these prototypes is thinner, notably up front where much of the blocky coverings are gone. Details on the fascia are still obscured, but it’s not hard to see the thinner headlights and the basic grille designs. One test car appears to be an AMG model, possibly a C53 that could wield a mild-hybrid version of the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder from the A45.

Overall, we expect the next-generation C-Class to incorporate a design language similar to the new E-Class revealed earlier this year. Large corner intakes on the lower fascia will be connected by a channel running the width of the bumper, though variations on that shape will be offered depending on trim level and AMG influence. Taillights aren’t terrifically visible in this video, but they will adopt a horizontal orientation versus the vertical-influenced shape we see today.

What we don’t see in this video are the bones of the new W206 C-Class. It’s expected to ride on a modified version of the company’s current MRA platform, and that should offer occupants a bit more room inside. The greenhouse will also get a full makeover that emphasizes a cleaner look. The MBUX system will be integrated into the dash, and if it’s anything like what we’ve seen in recent S-Class teasers, it should be quite posh indeed.

With the S-Class debut nearly upon us, we don’t expect a C-Class reveal until late this year at the earliest. If that doesn’t happen, a reveal during the first quarter of 2021 is almost guaranteed.

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