Land Rover has etched its name in the realm of off-roading, with a range of vehicles that are more or less capable of reaching paths less traveled. Though admittedly, some of Land Rover vehicles, like the Discovery Sport, is cut out for cemented roads rather than for dirt and mud. 

But that doesn't mean it's less capable in off-roading than other cars, like a Mahindra Thar, maybe? Then there's this.

In a video uploaded by Lokesh Swami on Youtube, a group of vehicles was out on a leisurely drive on muddy trails in India. One of the paths they encountered was a huge puddle of mud. 

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The group, which consisted of modified Mahindra Thars, a Toyota Fortuner, and a previous-generation Discovery Sport, displayed their mud-wading prowess in the video around the five-minute mark, which we embedded on top of this page. The Thars completed the task without any issues at all, like they're born for this (they actually are).

However, the Discovery Sport faced a slippery situation, literally, having issues with traction and ultimately getting stuck on the mud, unable to save itself. Good thing, the Mahindras were there to assist the Indian-owned British SUV.

To be fair, we noticed that the Discovery Sport approached the puddle at a steep angle, which isn't advisable given the weight of the vehicle. The driver also seemed to have hesitated midway, which could have affected the whole ordeal. On muddy trails, constant and unabrupt power delivery is crucial so that your tires won't dig themselves into the ground, which we think didn't happen here. It's advisable to air down your tires, too.

Off-roading isn't always about the vehicle. The driver and his skills need to be off-road ready, as well, so to avoid tricky situations like this.

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