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Sure, van life has become a bit of an automotive buzz-phrase, but while the industry has been taking the world by storm, it still has its drawbacks. One of the big issues even before the pandemic hit involved finding a place to park and accommodating things like laundry and groceries. Worry no more, as new startup Kibbo has developed a solution to the common pitfalls of living on the road.

Unlike most companies focused on the van industry, Kibbo isn’t focused on just the vehicle itself but the experience around it. Sure, they have Sprinter vans for rent, but the company also provides home bases and parking areas. The goal of the new venture is to create a community for these dwellers for less than the cost of a studio apartment.

Gallery: The Kibbo Experience

For a $150 monthly fee and $485 signup (waived for the rest of 2020), customers gain access to a network of home bases across the western U.S., groceries and other provisions, WiFi, and a community of other like-minded nomads. Along with those extras, customers can also access a fleet of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans from $1,500 to $2,000 a month. 

Founded by Colin O’Donnell, Kibbo is set to launch in fall 2020. In providing never-before-seen amenities, the company will set up home bases in some of the picture-perfect areas of our country. Right now, Kibbo wants to build dwellings in southern Utah, the black rock desert in Nevada, and California’s Big Sur and Ojai – while those are the launch locations, other locations are planned for the future.

Each of these clubhouses will feature many accommodations for its members, including but not limited to cooking and laundry facilities, common spaces for working and socializing, fast internet, and even outdoor excursion gear.

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