By now, you’re probably well aware that Ford is putting its new Bronco through some serious paces. Last week we caught the reborn SUV tackling the Rubicon Trail in California, and since then, new Bronco off-roading videos are cropping up almost daily. The latest (featured above) keeps us at Moab, Utah for more rock climbing at Hell’s Revenge.

We covered part one of this adventure yesterday. Hell’s Revenge is a 6.5-mile trail that is recommended for experienced drivers only due to its steep climbs and challenging crevices, and the latest video certainly doesn’t disappoint in that aspect. Mickey’s Hot Tub is a notorious obstacle on the trail where vehicles basically drive into a deep hole with a near-vertical exit. The clip spends a few minutes at the spot, and to Ford’s credit, the Bronco crawls out with surprisingly little fanfare.

We also see the Bronco’s suspension articulation and weight transfer in action on some serious crevices and extremely rocky trails. Even with the longer-wheelbase four-door models, approach and departure angles are impressive. That goes up a few notches when you realize none of the test vehicles appear to have the Sasquatch Package, which adds extra clearance and the beefy 35-inch tires. Presumably, these are Badlands models, which are slow-speed oriented with locking differentials front and rear.

As with the previous Moab video, the Broncos appear to tackle the tough terrain without issue. However, the clip comes from Bronco Nation, which is certainly favorable to all things Bronco so it’s not an entirely objective presentation. Still, there’s clearly no debating the Bronco’s off-road chops in purely stock trim. With the Sasquatch package and the plethora of accessories Ford will offer, what other environments can the Bronco conquer?

We’ve seen all kinds of rock crawling, so perhaps now the test fleet will move to some Baja-style desert running. Whatever is next, we’ll be ready.

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