It's always fascinating to watch craftsmanship skills, the ability to build something from scratch, on display. It's a mix of art and science, with a sprinkling of wide-eyed ambition, and that's all packed into the project in the video above. Wesley Kagan uploaded a video featuring his wild build – a 1960s-era F1 car that borrows quite a bit from a Porsche Boxster.

In the video, Kagan discusses his enjoyment of late-1960s F1 cars, like the Lotus 49. Using Forza Motorsport, he mocked up a shell and settled on a design that generally fits that of a vintage open-wheel race car. The project started with sourcing a used Boxster – the cheapest running model in the US. He picked one up for $2,500 that supplied him with a running engine, a transmission, brakes, a steering rack, and other small components he needed. It features a pushrod suspension, too.

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After six months, with the car's first track day approaching, he still had quite a lot to finish. He didn't get it done, putting the final touches on the car at the track, like dealing with a crank pressure problem that appeared during a dyno run and fixing the radiator. The video ends with Kagan's car cruising around the track before it passes the front straight with gusto, though there isn't much of it going full-tilt around the course, at least not yet.

It's been eight months since Kagan started the project, and there's still work left to finish. Kagan ends by saying there could be more content in the future – he has thousands of ideas – along with letting us see the F1 car to completion. It's an ambitious build, though it's coming along quite nicely. We can't wait to see the finished product – and whatever other creations he dreams up next.

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