Honda Crossroad on the Road

Late February Honda launched their latest creation, the Honda Crossroad. And amazingly enough there was a lot of interest in this Japanese crossover/SUV/CUV, because we just think it looks like a box on wheels. The Crossroad takes the torch from where the CR-V left off before it became a sedan with high suspension settings, so now we have this 4x4 city driver which is actually capable of reanging your neighbours flower patch. The French expats in Japan have taken the Crossroad for a spin, and they seem pretty happy with it, but I can't help but call into question the off-road trail they used. It looks like Honda's personal test-track more than anything else and I'm missing a proper mud trail, because isn't that what off-roading is about? Actual mud trails, river/creek crossings and not just a few bumpy roads which most road-legal cars can take on. Plenty of photos and a test-drive video at Nihon Car.

Gallery: Honda Crossroad on the Road