Buying a GT is far more difficult than getting behind the wheel of a mundane Explorer SUV as first you must be approved by Ford to claim the limited-run supercar. If you’ve been turned down by the Blue Oval, now is your chance to claim a low-mileage example of the mid-engined V6 machine as Mecum Auctions will have one up for grabs later this month.

Those who were fortunate enough to buy the GT straight from Ford agreed not to sell the car during the first two years of ownership. With customer deliveries kicking off in 2017, it means more and more supercars are hitting the auction blocks or are listed for sale. That’s the case with this 2018 GT finished in Frozen White set to be auctioned at the end of August during the Kissimmee Summer Special event.

Gallery: 2018 Ford GT with $70,000+ in options

It’s interesting not just because the odometer is showing only 97 miles (156 kilometers), but also due to the extensive options list. See that Dark Energy interior? That’s a $30,000 option. Stepping outside, the glossy carbon fiber exterior upgrades complementing the white paint were an extra $15,000. The original owner also shelled out $15,000 for the 20-inch carbon fiber wheels and a cool $10,000 for the Akrapovic exhaust system.

Add just these four items and you’re looking at nearly the equivalent of a Shelby Mustang GT500 in options. It goes without saying the car is in impeccable condition given the extremely low mileage and it’s safe to say the original owner mainly saw the Ford GT purely as an investment. While we’d argue cars are meant to be driven rather than end up as garage queens, owners are entitled to do whatever they want with their prized possessions.

This particular owner is looking to make a quick profit a little over two years after taking delivery of the GT. While Mecum Auctions doesn’t have an estimate, several other cars that changed hands after the two-year resale restriction expired hit seven figures. Even if this one won’t fetch $1 million, chances are it will go for well above the $500,000+ sticker paid by the original owner.

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