Try at your own risk, of course!

As a car owner, we've all had those fleeting moments of curiosity that seem to enter our heads at the most useless times; especially when you're sitting in traffic or just cruising along a lonely stretch of highway. You know, those questions about car features such as shifting into reverse while going 60 miles per hour, or if the handbrake is strong enough to stop the car in stop and go traffic. Ultimately these are useless, researchable on the internet, and even downright dangerous, but we can all agree on one thing – let someone else do it for us with their own car.

Gallery: See What Happens When 1994 Ford Ranger Driver Takes Out The Key While Driving

So, in this episode of "Things you probably won't do yourself", we have Mike of AutoVlog taking one for the team once again. As a follow-up video to his series of fooling around with ignition and key systems, this current video stars his 1994 Ford Ranger in the most basic trim available at the time. So no electronic door locks, no air conditioning, no power steering, manually adjustable mirrors, and, of course, a key to start the car. For those wondering, this is probably his third or fourth truck, and he's done extensive modifications to his other pickups, so having a beater to perform some random experiments won't be an issue. 

At least, unless it gets stolen. You see, from what we've seen in the video, it seems that the key in this specific car does lock, unlock, and start the car. The key can also be removed while the barrel is in the "on" position, and the truck runs absolutely fine. Heck, he even throws it out the window as he's driving along. The problem is the fact that Mike literally found out that you could actually start the car without the key when he pulled over to turn off the engine. So, that means that the key is only needed to lock and unlock the truck. Seems sketchy, but it is a manual, so that's enough to deter 99% of thieves, anyway.