The one-off Ferrari Pinin concept by Pininfarina from 1980 is now on sale for an exorbitant price of 1.1M EUR.

Built to celebrate Pininfarina's 50th anniversary, the unique Pinin concept is considered by many to be the only four-door Ferrari but that is not true since the prancing horse also built seven units of the 456 GT Venice wagon (see attached photos) for a Brunei prince.

The Pinin concept is owned by Gabriele Candrini from Modena who attempted to sell the car back in 2011 but failed to find a buyer. Now, he's trying once again but surely not many people are willing to part with 1.1M EUR (about 1.5M USD or 910,000 GBP).

It stayed in Pininfarina's collection until 1992 but was then sold to a private buyer. At its heart is the V12 5.0-liter engine taken from the 512BB which pumps out 360 bhp (268 kW).

As a side note, Pininfarina considered at one point a Pinin 2 with an engine sourced from the Testarossa but the project was unfortunately axed.

Gallery: One-off 1980 Ferrari Pinin concept up for grabs once again, costs 1.1M EUR

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