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Let's say you have around $100,000 to spend on your next car. That's a sizable amount, especially if you're going second-hand, and the brand new car market has some excellent choices that'll satisfy those looking for performance and design. Needless to say, you'll find some high horsepower head-turners with no issue. Or, you could build your own one-off custom hot rod and get absolutely all the attention one the road and while you're parked. For good measure, design it around the era of knights, castles, and weapons that cause blunt force trauma and slice through your foes with ease. That's exactly the idea behind Medieval One, a metal-clad custom-built hot rod that has been described as the craziest car on the planet. 

Gallery: Medieval One Is A Wild $80,000+ Hot Rod Built From Scratch

Designed and built by Bohata Design Inc., AJ Bohata talks about the design and inspiration behind Medieval One. It started out as a propane tank that was cut and put back together with 1/16th stainless steel metal. The chassis was laser cut and TIG-welded all in-house, with the front using a drop axle with radius rods and a transverse monoleaf, and the rear using . The centerpiece is the knight's helmet, which also acts as the driver's cockpit. It's hydraulically assisted and comes with all the instrument panels and switches for the lights and the engine. Oh, and there's nitrous, too. 

Powering Medieval One is a 335ci Chevy small-block with a Weiand 6-71 supercharger and electronic fuel injection that makes almost 1,000 horsepower. And, yes, those are snakes coming from the headers, responsible for the nitrous oxide purge tube. Medieval One has been designed in a way that allows the power steering, air conditioning, and alternator are kept low in the chassis, which puts the engine and its medieval crest air cleaner at the forefront. Overall, the project took a ton of man-hours and came in at about the $200k mark. Expensive? Yes. Unique? Definitely. 




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