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I was a '90s kid. I was born in the '80s but in the latter part of it, which made me miss iconic car movies and TV shows such as Back to the Future and Miami Vice. Good thing, I was able to catch up with the time-traveling Delorean DMC-12 through VHS tapes when I was growing up.

But just like any other old TV series,  is one of those cool shows that are hard to get a copy of. As a car nut who has the affection for anything with four wheels, reliving the glory days of these popular shows is a pipe-dream.

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That's why this news elates me more than anyone else. Knight Rider, which starred Michael Knight and his Knight Industries Two Thousand (KITT), is coming back – but as a movie remake.

In a report by Variety, the esteemed TV show will be featured on the silver screen, courtesy of Spyglass Media Group and director James Wan. Of note, Wan and his Atomic Monster will be working with Spyglass in producing the Knight Rider remake, according to Variety's report. Wan is known for his work in movies like Aquaman, Saw, Insidious, and Conjuring. He's no stranger to car movies, by the way, as he directed the seventh installment of the Fast and Furious franchise.

There aren't details about the Knight Rider movie remake's casting yet. It would be safe to assume that David Hasselhoff won't be starring as Michael Knight this time around – unless, of course, it would be a continuation of the old TV show's plot. That would make sense.

The question now is, will KITT still be reborn as a talking, missile-launching ? Guess that's something we'd find out sooner or later.

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