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Plans for a very luxurious yacht named "The Streets of Monaco" by UK-based ship designers at Yacht Island Design have been revived, promising to create a floating replica of the actual location.

The ambitious project is estimated to cost a whopping 244M GBP (about 402M USD or 295M EUR) and will mimic important landmarks of the city-state, such as the Prince's Palace, Port Hercule, Hotel de Paris, Loews Hotel and the famous La Rascasse. It will also have a go kart replica of the actual legendary Formula 1 circuit, along with a helipad, jacuzzis, jet skis, a mini submarine and swimming pools.

"The Streets of Monaco" super yacht will be 155 meters (169 yards) long and will be able to accommodate 16 guests and 70 members of the crew which will all be travelling at a top speed of 15 knots.

Plans for the yacht were originally disclosed in January 2011 but so far developers weren't able to find potential clients willing to pay the exorbitant price tag. Rob McPherson, one of the project's founders, told Daily Mail they are "looking for clients either private or commercial with the vision to realize this new and interesting design direction." He also said a lot of people have expressed their desire to take a cruise with the yacht and they also received "a number of enquiries for potential commercial applications."

A brochure of the project can be found at the second source link below.

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