Audi has announced the 2015 TT will be equipped with a "virtual cockpit" that is described as a "decidedly sporty version" of the MMI infotainment system.

The company is keeping details a closely guarded secret but they confirmed the "infotainment display and [the] instrument cluster merge to form a flexible, driver-oriented unit." This likely means the system will be similar to the display used on the Sport quattro concept.

Audi also used the Consumers Electronics Show to introduce a new MMI infotainment system with a redesigned menu structure, an improved search function and enhanced voice controls. The system also has an improved rotary pushbutton controller that is "precisely monitored with hundredth of a millimeter precision by an optical sensor." The system can also detect multi-finger gestures that will enable smartphone-like scrolling and zooming.

Despite what the pictures show, Audi says the previous four button layout will be replaced by a new two button design that "significantly improves blind operation." As the company explained, "The left button calls up the restructured submenu, and the right button accesses context-dependent options and settings, just like the right mouse button of a PC that is familiar to customers."

Gallery: Audi introduces a new MMI system at CES, says 2015 TT will have a virtual cockpit

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