BMW has unveiled a 2-Series Coupe and 6-Series Gran Coupe with highly automated driving technology.

Debuting under the ConnectedDrive banner, the cars are equipped with an ActiveAssist system that promises to make a "significant contribution to bringing the vision of accident-free mobility another step closer to reality."

While BMW has already shown autonomous prototypes, the new system has a safety feature that automatically "brings the vehicle back into line in demanding driving situations without any input from the driver."

According to BMW, the prototype "uses advanced control technology to demonstrate maximum safety up to the car’s dynamic limit." As the company explains, the "systems actively intervene in the direction-changing decision-making process and ensure the electronically controlled steering works in perfect harmony with the brakes and accelerator."

That's a little vague but the company says the prototype can perform high speed slalom runs with "exceptional precision" and can make obstacle-evading lane changes with perfection. If that's not impressive enough, BMW says the prototype makes "optimum use of the potential of both engine and chassis" - even when provoked to oversteer.

BMW goes on to explain the prototype follows a predetermined path but constantly factors in a variety of conditions. As a result, the system actively and precisely applies calculated steering inputs to mimic an "expert driver."

BMW sees this as critical as they believe "Only a system that can safely master all dynamic situations - up to the vehicle’s dynamic limit - will be able to generate trust and provide sustained and secure relief for the driver in tiring situations."

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