Nissan has released preliminary details and pictures with the NV200 London Taxi, before the vehicle goes into production in December with a rumored price tag of 30,000 GBP.

Far from being an eye-catcher, the NV200 London Taxi has been designed in London by the same team who worked on the Juke and Qashqai. The model is programmed to enter production in December 2014 and will be available with a 1.6-liter gasoline engine mated to an automatic gearbox which is expected to grant the vehicle with a fuel efficiency of 40 mpg UK (33 mpg US or 7 liters / 100 km).

The vehicle lacks Nissan's badge on the front grille which shows some similarities to the classic black cab, just like the round shape of the headlights. The taxi sign is now powered by LED lightning while the front bumper panels have been redesigned.

It should be noted that some of the photos actually depict the zero emission EV variant of the model which is due sometime in 2015 with the "e-NV200 London Taxi" moniker.

Gallery: Nissan NV200 London Taxi introduced, production model due in December [videos]

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