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Several weeks after the debut of the new BMW 4 Series, the world is still not ready to accept its kidney grilles - or, at least, a large portion of the Bavarian company’s fans doesn’t seem to be happy with this design solution. Probably trying to address criticism, BMW has just released a new video, which talks about the design of the sports coupe.

Part of the BMW Today series, the 10-minute clip is actually an interview with Christopher Weil, Head of Exterior Design at the premium automaker. He has a significant role in the design of the sports car and is probably the perfect BMW exec who can explain to you why you should actually like the new 4 Series.

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“We at BMW have a grand heritage, let’s say. More than 100 years of design and there are a lot of cars with upright kidneys and we took this theme and did a new interpretation. But we did this with a purpose - we think this is the right kidney for this kind of car,” Weil says.

Well, that doesn’t sound too convincing but apparently, BMW wanted the 4 Series to stand out from the rest of the lineup and that’s one of the main reasons why it got such large and distinctively-shaped grilles. In fact, even the shape and internal graphics of the headlights further emphasize the massive dual kidney shape.

However, there’s no denying the back of the 4 Series looks fantastic. Weil says his design team wanted to make it significantly different than the 3 Series’ rear end and it’s probably safe to say they’ve succeeded in that mission.

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