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The universe is full of mysteries. Dark matter. Alien life. The Range Rover Evoque Convertible. Thanks to Reddit, we have one more mystery to add on our ever-growing list – ceiling fans in cars. Yes, you read that right. No, it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

Sadly, there isn’t even any backstory to offer on this unlikely idea. There is one clue to the origin story for this car-fan – it comes from a person who goes by the fitting name of Unnecessary Inventions on multiple social media accounts. That’s also the username listed with the aforementioned Reddit thread, so yeah, there you go.


We can also say with some certainty that this three-blade fan is mounted into a fourth-generation Subaru Outback, judging by what we see of the car’s interior. If you’re thinking that doesn’t leave much headroom for passengers, you’re not wrong. Fortunately the fan spins slowly, and the blades have all the sharpness of an old politician drunk-tweeting at 2:00 am. It’s also completely useless in the real world. The fan is, too.

In that respect, then, this is truly a completely unnecessary invention, but is it really? We spent a full 30 seconds scrolling through the 2,000-plus comments in this Reddit thread to gauge the opinions of others. A Redditor named GophawkYourself astutely pointed out that windows are loud and air conditioning uses more fuel, making the fan an efficient choice. Taking the concept to the next logical step, Redditor akak1972 wants the fan for a convertible. Akak1972, that’s an extraordinary idea and we think it would look exceptional in your Range Rover Evoque droptop.

Perusing the YouTube and Instagram pages for Unnecessary Inventions, we’re greeted with all sorts of ideas that are equally brilliant and absurd. The world’s smallest roller suitcase stands out as a key item for travelers, and how can you not appreciate the Tesla roof-top cup holder? You know you’re going to accidentally leave your iced coffee on the roof anyway. May as well leave it in a cup holder so maybe, when you remember it a mile down the road, it’s still mostly there.

Friends, we need more inspirational ideas like this in the world.

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