Buying a used car can come with surprises, and we’re not talking about those mechanical gremlins eager to drain the new owner’s bank account. We like the good surprises, surprises that delight instead of displeasure, like finding Nickelback’s 1996 debut album Curb left in the CD changer. For one owner of a borked 2016 VW Golf R, the surprises could save a lot of money in repairs.

The BackYardBoyz YouTube channel bought the Golf R online, knowing it featured some gnarly rear-end damage. The rear bumper is gone, as is the driver-side rear quarter panel, though the most alarming bit of damage is the rear wheel, which is bent out of shape and broken. It’s not all bad news. The airbags didn’t deploy, and it still starts and drives, though there’s a warning for low coolant. It’ll be a costly repair, though one that’ll be somewhat cheaper thanks to the surprises inside.

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The Golf R came with many of the replacement parts needed. There is a new bumper, a new side skirt, a new matching rim with a tire, the diffuser, door handle, rear reflectors, and more. However, some pieces are missing like a replacement taillight, a broken bumper bracket, body vent, and VW badging. Several suspension parts need replacing, too, like the broken lower control arm, though it appears the driveshaft is fine.

Not every used car purchase features a treasure trove of goodies like this. For most of us, finding a few dollars in change under the front seats or a half-used quart of oil in the trunk is a windfall. The Golf R gets even better, though, because it has several Stage 2 modifications like a new intake and downpipe, new intercooler, a new clutch, and a tune. Stock, the 2016 Golf R made 292 horsepower (217 kilowatts). With the upgrades, it could be closer to 400 hp (298 kW). Talk about hitting the jackpot.

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