It seems the world can’t get enough of the new Ford Bronco. Off-road fans are gobbling up every tidbit of information we uncover, and it’s not just a bunch of hype. We recently learned that the Bronco already has an 18-month wait list for reservations placed right now. Buyers are stepping up in droves to get behind the wheel, and now we have interesting news that might sway RV fans to team Bronco.

A few days back, Ford North America Product Communications Manager Mike Levine dropped a short sentence on Twitter regarding the Bronco’s towing capability. In this instance, it’s not what the Bronco can tow, but how it can be towed. RV travelers often tow a vehicle behind their massive rig to use as a runabout machine at their destination, and according to Levine, the Bronco is “engineered to be flat-towed.”

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What does that mean exactly? In short, the vehicle is bolted to the back of the RV and towed on its wheels. The upside is that you don’t have a bulky trailer to carry with you, never mind the extra license costs and certifications often required to pull one. The downside is that serious damage to vehicles’ driveline and transmission components can occur if the proper steps aren’t taken ahead of time. The extent of those steps depends on the vehicle, and sometimes the prep is as extensive as disconnecting driveshafts. But the Bronco is apparently set up to make these steps pretty simple.

We reached out to Ford for details on the procedure, and we have the basics. A company spokesperson explained the process basically involves putting the Bronco's transfer case into neutral. This is virtually identical to the Jeep Wrangler, which can also be flat-towed with its transfer case in the neutral position. It certainly makes sense; Ford is aiming the Bronco directly at Wrangler, and making it an attractive option for RV travelers is another stab at Jeep's market share.

When the Bronco reaches customers starting next year, Ford will likely have a full procedure for flat towing outlined in the SUV's owner manual.

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