A Bugatti-branded belt buckle is now available for a whopping 84,000 USD for pants with extremely generous pockets.

At the beginning of November we saw Bugatti's 100,000 USD luxury hookah and now we get to talk about a belt buckle which costs no less than 84,000 USD. It's the work of Roland Iten who owns a boutique in Geneva and uses Swiss watch making equipment to create these high-end belt buckles.

Production will be limited to 44 units and already a series of 11 them were made with a white gold finish, another series in rose gold while the third series will soon be produced. Highlights of the belt buckle include front smoked sapphire crystals and 100 handcrafted parts made from stainless steel, solid gold and titanium.  

Gallery: Bugatti belt buckle costs an outrageous 84,000 USD

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