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We know that most petrolheads love all types of detailing videos. Whether it be cleaning up the interior or exterior, something about seeing the hard work and transformation is incredibly satisfying. That said, with interior detailing, sometimes it can be taken to the extreme. Stauffer Garage’s latest video is no exception with one of the filthiest interiors we’ve ever seen.

For the uninitiated, the majority of Stauffer Garage content involves detailing car interiors that would petrify even the most confident weekend warriors. With a modest selection of tools at his disposal, James Stauffer takes these vehicles from absolute disaster to almost like new. To offer some perspective, he often uses the term roach motel to refer to some of the interiors he takes to.

Already after just grabbing what he could out of the interior and filling a couple of trash bags, the MDX was looking better. Following the cursory clean, Stauffer vacuumed everything he could possibly manage to make life easier for himself further down the road. While the astronomical amount of crumbs in the car is hard to see, the time-lapse vacuuming scenes were a welcome relief.

Although the vacuuming proved successful, it also revealed more work that needed to be done. Some sort of mystery residue was now more visible around the entire interior. No worries for Stauffer as he attacked the entire car with all-purpose-cleaner and a scrub brush. To our surprise, everything cleaned up very nicely. 

Unlike most detailing channels that use ridiculously expensive equipment, the videos on Stauffer Garage show that you can achieve similar results with more accessible items and some elbow grease. We don’t condone letting your vehicle get this filthy, but it’s nice to know that it won’t be too far gone.

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