Fake exhaust tips are bad enough from the factory, but these stick-on tips are so much worse.

There are many tacky things automakers do to cars straight from the factory, but fake exhaust outlets are among the worst. Faux trapezoid tips are surprisingly common in the industry, even from high-end manufacturers but none of them compare to the bogus aftermarket "exhaust tips" seen in this TikTok video. It’s not a stretch to say this could be the worst auto accessory of all time.

The video is only a few seconds long, and we must offer a NSFW tag because of a profane song used in the clip. But a few seconds is all it takes to ruin this banana yellow BMW. We don’t know where the clip comes from, nor do we know where one finds stick-on fake vents with equally fake exhaust tips. We do know that it looks absolutely ridiculous, especially with this particular Bimmer already having a dual-tip, single-exit exhaust on the rear fascia. Now, it has six exhaust outlets – one for every cylinder perhaps?


Let’s be honest – tacky automotive add-ons are nothing new. Fake hood scoops and vents have been part of OEM designs for decades, and you can buy aftermarket add-ons at pretty much any auto parts store for pennies on the dollar. And we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the horrific crime of adding badges to cars that don’t deserve them. Anyone care to wager the likelihood that this yellow BMW wears an M badge somewhere? For shame.

Center-exit exhaust is certainly becoming a trend that’s not just relegated to supercars. The Porsche Boxster has offered it for years, and hot hatchbacks like the Civic Type R and Mini JCW GP use it to great success. But please, for the love of everything that’s good and proper in the world, do not let this faux center-exhaust plastic add-on become the next absurd automotive fad. There are already enough problems in the world.  

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