Lexus has created a brighter red exterior paint job for the recently unveiled 2014 RC.

Last month at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show we saw Lexus' all-new RC and now the attractive coupe has returned with a more striking red exterior paint scheme. Set to go on sale sometime next year, the RC will be offered with a luminous red paint composed of four base coats of paint which are baked twice.

The process starts with a base coat of silver and then they apply a clear coat. Next, the clear coat is covered by a translucent red coat and on top of that they apply an additional clear coat. Lastly, the four coats are baked twice to create the final color which depending on the lightning it reflects a red layer as well as a silver layer.

Lexus plans to showcase the 2014 RC at NAIAS next month in Detroit where they will also introduce the RC F performance variant. 

2014 Lexus RC shown with a four-layer red exterior paint