Italian media is reporting Bertone is on the verge of bankruptcy once again as it has been operating at a loss for a significant amount of time.

Back in 2011 Bertone recovered from a bankruptcy process but now it seems they are back in just about the same situation. Despite showcasing the Jet 2 and Jet 2+2 concepts at this year's Geneva Motor Show, the Italian coachbuilder has failed to attract customers and as a consequence it has been operating at a loss for quite some time. In their attempt to gain profitability, Bertone opened a sub-division entitled Bertone Workshop to create one-off vehicles for clients but it turned out to be unsuccessful.

Bertone had no other way but to dismiss no less than 165 employees and 10 interns and now they are on the look for an investor to get them out of this unfortunate financial situation. A recent report indicates a Turkish-based firm is interested in purchasing Bertone for approximately 2.7M USD. Italian media says seven other companies have expressed their interest in buying the famous coachbuilder.

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