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With the official debut of the revived Bronco, Ford has answered many questions regarding its most capable off-road machine in modern history. The automaker still has to address one burning matter though - is there going to be a Bronco Raptor or no. At this point, we’ve heard only rumors suggesting a positive answer and that was enough for yet another graphic artist to propose a design for the rugged SUV.

This time around, we are sharing four renderings courtesy of wb.artist20 on Instagram - each drawing imagines the Bronco Raptor in a different color, varying from a performance blue to a shiny red-orange hue. There are nice little tweaks to the exterior but we’ll get to that in a second.

Gallery: Ford Bronco Raptor new renderings

As we’ve already discussed a number of times, we haven't tested the off-roader yet, but the 2021 Bronco has promising stats that should make it quite capable off the paved road. What the Raptor could add to that winning recipe won’t be much and should be limited mostly to a few suspension upgrades, tweaked appearance, and potentially a more powerful engine.

The visual revisions these renderings propose include a modified front bumper with additional LED fog lamps, a new grille with a Raptor badge, beefier front fenders with wider wheel arches, and a roof rack. We could be wrong but the vehicle seems to be sitting an inch or two higher than the stock Bronco.

A report from more than a year ago speculated there’s at least a little chance for the new Bronco to get the full Raptor treatment. Ford hasn’t confirmed the information and we are patiently waiting for more details in the near future. Until then, let’s prepare for a potential more hardcore Bronco with these renderings.

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