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When considering a unique vehicle, what generally comes to mind is a one-off machine that is destined to appear at a concours d'elegance in Pebble Beach or Villa d'Este. However, this Dodge Ramcharger is unique for a different reason because it wears an airbrushed mural its body. Even the windows received etched scenes. After around nine years of sitting in North Carolina, this rolling piece of art finally gets a proper cleaning.

The owner bought this Ramcharger for $600, but the SUV was in very rough shape. It needed extensive mechanical repairs, and there were holes in the floor to fix. Once the Dodge was running again, it went to the Ammo NYC shop for proper cleaning, which we see in this video. The next step is a cross-country trip to California.

The first step is simply washing off the body, and there's a lot of dirt to remove. There's even lichen growing on a few portions. Next, the exterior gets soapy to remove even more grime. Polishing turns out to be a difficult process because there's very little clear coat left on the hood, and too much rubbing also risks damaging the mural.

Inside, the Ramcharger is full of twigs and leaves. Plus, there's mold growing on some of the panels. The cleaning process includes vacuuming up the larger debris. After that, shampoos and cleansers get rid of the rest of the gunk.

The final flourish is restoring the painted rain guards. They show eagles soaring over purple mountains. It's a perfectly over-the-top touch for a wonderfully unsubtle machine.

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