Three axles are better than two?

Three different Bronco models and a plethora of trim levels for each one simply weren’t enough for SRK Designs as the independent artist decided to envision a different breed of Ford’s long-awaited off-roader. Probably inspired by the bonkers Mercedes-AMG G63 6x6, he fired up Photoshop to virtually add a third axle and a bed to the competent SUV.

The end result is something that might give Hennessey a few ideas considering the Texas-based tuner has already turned the Chevy Silverado Trail Boss into a 6x6 truck dubbed Goliath and the F-150 into a VelociRaptor 6x6. Going back further in time, the 1996 SEMA show was the venue where the Ram 3500 Dually morphed into a Ram T-Rex 6x6 concept serving as the “world's first full-time 6x6 light truck designed for personal use.”

The Jeep Wrangler, Ford Bronco’s archrival, is no stranger to six-wheel conversions as many aftermarket shops have explored the idea of adding a third axle and a bed, even before the Gladiator truck’s arrival at the end of 2018. Case in point, Rezvani recently teased its Hercules 6x6 as the ultimate pickup with plenty of power and off-road chops.

It’s the same story with another competitor, the old Defender, with many custom builders eager to create all sorts of wild derivatives based on the reputable British off-roader. With Land Rover not interested in doing a pickup of the all-new model, there's an untapped market that tuners will likely want to exploit, possibly throwing in a third axle for good measure.

Much like it’s the case with the Wrangler, you can rest assured the aftermarket scene has already taken notice of the Bronco’s revival and will come out will all sorts of customizations. Whether a 6x6 conversion is on the to-do list remains to be seen, but in the meantime, Ford has prepared more than 200 factory-backed accessories to make the Bronco your own.

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